L'Avion Jaune is a private service company specialized in remote sensing for environment and agriculture. The company is founded in 2005 by three associates with significant previous RPAS, satellite navigation and remote sensing experience. The company is in relationship with research labs in agronomy, water management and remote sensing. Its customers and partners include larger companies in the fields of precision agriculture, forest management, energy and environmental consultancy. Historically, the main activity was to provide high-end visible and multispectral imagery for environmental, industrial or research projects on limited areas. In the last years, AJ has extended its capacity to larger surveys, in particular for wetlands and vineyards. Thermal imaging as well as lidar surveys have become part of the offer.

Research and development has always been a strong component of AJ's activity, and several instruments and UAVs have been developed for specific missions and integrated as payloads in RPAS or manned aircraft. AJ has also been involved in several regional research projects such as Vinnotec (precision agriculture for vineyards) and Garicc (studies of wheat species resistant to drought for the Mediterranean agriculture. In the last two years, an instrumental development was started, which resulted in the integration of a ultra-light laser scanner for RPAS (YellowScan®). This instrument is now being sold to several customers worldwide.

This project is strongly related to the core business of L'Avion Jaune they bring operational capabilities, field knowledge, existing commercial contacts with future clients and the ability to convert the results of this project into real business.


This project has received funding from the European GNSS Agency under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 641606.