During the project the Mistral consortium develop and built several prototypes of the Mistrale GNSS-R sensor. With this prototypes several test are conducted.

The Vineyards were the main precision agriculture application in the initial proposal, and there were several reasons for that. Some trials were conducted, but it appeared that GNSS-R measurement did not provide the relevant information for vineyards, due to the discrepancy between the penetration depth of GNSS-R and the root depth of wines. Also, it appeared that the soil, containing clay, tends to build a dry and hard crust in the uppermost soil level, so that the surface soil moisture will be extremely low even if there is still water available for the plant.

For these reasons, the the winegrowing application is drop and replace with potatoes and soy irrigation which have shallower roots and other irrigation methods.


Water management was the other initial market.

Will be continued



This project has received funding from the European GNSS Agency under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 641606.